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Artist Statement

I make small, unique, square pieces of art. Each piece can stand on its own, but when combined with others they create a multilayered graphical collage consisting of between three to 100 separate squares.

Work begins as a series of drawings that are arranged and rearranged until a finished, unified work of art takes shape. The drawings become the map for a final piece made from whatever material seems appropriate. I currently work in wood, ink, paint, and cast acrylic and am experimenting with glass, metal, stone, ceramics and light. The goal is to create prototypes for large scale, installations and perhaps someday, maquettes for sculpture. "Chicago" (112"x48") is a very large example of a prototype for my vision of an even larger version in glass and metal.

I believe that my work represents the idea that separate, unique individuals are lovely, but when part of a whole can be powerful, and as a people, despite our differences, together we can work wonders.


Lynn Tsan is a Chicago-based artist who works out of her loft/studio and a small business prototyping incubator where she is able to access the fabrication tools she requires for her work.

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